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If you'd like to write your own article and have it published on LearnVulkan for everyone to read you can send over your article to me by e-mail. By having interested readers publish their own articles on LearnVulkan I hope this website will be more than just a book, but a more centralized knowledge platform for everything Vulkan.

If you'd like to publish an article you'll want to follow the following guidelines:

As I intend to keep the quality bar-high, I'll be thorough in enforcing these restrictions. This means there's a good chance I'll reject your article, or return it with a significant amount of feedback. Nevertheless, if you followed the guidelines and generally make for an interesting article that adds something on top of the already existing content it's likely your article ends up on LearnVulkan. Do note that during the book's writing, I'm a lot more lenient in the guideline restrictions. Once the book gets published, I'll re-visit all guest articles to see if they're still relevant.

If you do submit your article, please mention your full name, and a link to your website/blog if you'd like the additional exposure.

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