March 14th, 2018

Welcome to Learn Vulkan, successor of learnopengl.com.

Like many, Vulkan has likely eluded you as the graphics API only meant to serve the industry veterans, with a limited set of educational content. The mere thought of touching Vulkan as a beginning graphics programmer is, by some considered, heresy. Well... it's time to make a change.

Whether you're a beginning or a seasoned graphics programmer, Learn Vulkan will walk you through each and every step of making pixels dance using the latest, fastest and meanest graphics API out there: Vulkan. You will not only learn the ins and outs of graphics programming, you'll get to understand the actual tools the big boys play with.

This time however, things are going to be a bit different. Learn Vulkan won't be the sole education website you're used to, but a web platform accompanying a published book. This means a higher degree of professionalism, an actual printable version of all content and a more sustainable revenue model for me as an author. Most of the book (and all post-release articles) will be available online for free, with only the more final sections solely available in the book. I'll start hitting the typewriter the moment I feel I've mastered Vulkan, which is bound to happen in about ~6 months of this writing.

If you have a different vision, or opinion, about what Learn Vulkan should be, don't hesitate to contact me as nothing is set in stone yet; or follow me on twitter to stay up to date. I look forward to starting this new adventure with you all together.

- Joey de Vries

Update (18-09-2018): I've been extremely busy over the last couple of months which caused quite a heavy delay on my LearnVulkan plans. The website's back and frontend are mostly done, but I still need to do a good amount of research before I actually start writing; I'll get there eventually!